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Dorian Bajramovic was born in 1989 in Croatia. He is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Helsinki.
Bajramovic’s approach uses multimedia to explore the capture of the fleeting moment and creativity. Cooperation is present in his work often in a concrete way, and the subject of the work is often the viewers themselves. His works can be described as playful and they aim rather a to be poetic than illustrative of his thoughts.
Bajramovic is at present studying sculpture at the Helsinki Academy of Arts.

Matilda Enegren (born 1989) lives and works in Helsinki.  She graduated as a Master of Visual Art from the Valand Academy of Gothenburg University in 2015. Before that, she did a degree in art at Yrkes Polytechnic University in Novia in 2012.

She has had private exhibitions (at Tm-gallery and Gallery Huuto, Helsinki) and in Sweden (Gallery Skomakeriet, Stockholm and POM Gallery, Mariefred). Her works have been in joint exhibitions e.g. in Sweden, Finland, the USA and Switzerland. Her works are also to be found e.g. in the Wihuri Foundation’s art collection and in several collections abroad.

Matilda Enegren works with figurative paintings. Her works explore matters that are inspected, observed, and left to be looked at. Her works include portraits and details of the environment. Her works in the exhibition, “Against the Grain”, consist of portraits and self-portraits in oils. The people in her portraits are friends and acquaintance whom she has invited into her studio as subjects. She has been interested in reacting to the person present and to the properties of daylight. She has partly painted “blind” – built up the surface of the face in one go and trusted to a sort of spontaneous logic. Through painting, Matilda Enegren expresses her relationship to seeing, to other people and to being.

Mika Helin (born 1978) graduated as Master of Visual Arts in 2016 (KuM), from the Academy of Fine Arts of the Art University.

Main exhibitions: composite works outside gallery spaces 2014 – 2020. Forum Box, 2019. Exhibition Laboratory, 2018. Mäntän art festival, 2017. The Swedish Theatre, 2017. Sorbus gallery, 2016.

Works in collection: EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, in Tapiola

Previous works can be seen on-line:

His works have many different natures, they can vary from existing objects to sculptures, from exhibitions to performance-like entities, in which the viewer can move about as on a stage. Over the years, the role of documentation in Helin’s work has continually increased.

He is interested in the complex relationship between the present and the past. Our own understanding of the past is formed by our experience of the present, and the present is our own observation post into the past. In his works he moves between the past and the present moment, between imagination and the concrete, and between the here-and-now and somewhere totally elsewhere.

The works are often composed of found or rejected materials and various everyday objects. By dismantling and reassembling objects Helin makes observations about the materials, the production methods used and prevailing norms.

Work for “Against the Grain”:


A caravan can be a symbol of holiday life or dictated by a poor economic situation. It may also be a freely made choice of lifestyle to reside and live outside the built urban environment. The starting point for the work is the gulf between voluntary and forced choice in the contemporary world.

In the work, Mika Helin has used in addition to the caravan, many different materials and everyday objects, which he has modified to suit the work.

Hanna Hyy (born 1990 in Helsinki) has worked as a professional artist since her graduation as Master of Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts at the Art University in June 2019. She is a probationary member of the Union of Painters.

During her studies, she took part in joint and individual exhibitions in Finland and abroad. The following are examples of group exhibitions: Art of Basware at the Music Centre, Helsinki 2014, the Fondia Gallery, Helsinki 2017 and KoMask Masters Salon Painting in Antwerp, Belgium 2018. Her graduation exhibition Noidan hattu ja muita aiheita  (The witch’s hat and other subjects) was held in the Academy of Visual Arts Project Room gallery in the summer of 2018. Since her graduation, Hyy has had individual exhibitions in, for example, Gallery Huuto 2019 (Nightmares About Empathy) and in Gallery Kosmis 2020 (Käärme lävistää huopahatun -6 maalausta 5 runoa – The snake penetrates the felt hat – six paintings and five poems). In addition, she participated in Ripples, a group exhibition curated by Antonia Hamberg in 2019 and in Sakari Tervo’s on-line publication Jazz Factory.  In 2020 two of her paintings were chosen out of over 700 international applicants to participate in the prestigious Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in Copenhagen.

She has works in many private collections in Finland and abroad.

Her working methods are based on observation and still life. These techniques, based on long-standing traditions, combined with poetic psychodelic elements constitute her own visual language. She generally starts from a carefully selected model object and, as she paints the object, takes on the role of actor in the situation which she has considered and which she wishes to communicate.  

The painting is representative and the important basis for it is drawing. She works in mixed media, but recently her main media have been watercolour, oil and oil pastels on MDF board. Basically, her subject is the occurrence of empathy and identification, which she has pondered and which has affected her work since 2017. The setting of observational works in a continuum is important to her and Hanna Hyy experiences the professional skill required for this as a significant part of her works’ message.

Hermanni Keko born 1987

Art studies 2015-2019. Master of Arts Aalto University 2008-2012. Bachelor of Visual Arts, Lahti Institute of Art and Design

Examples of individual exhibitions: 2019 Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki 2018 TM-Gallery, Helsinki 2015 Gallery 3H+K, Pori 2011 Galleria OyOy, Lahti Group exhibition 2018 Third space, Helsinki (with Joonas Siren) 2016 Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki (with Joonas Siren) 2015 Kappeli Betsda, Sipyy (with Joonas Siren) 2014 Gallery Huuto, Helsinki (with Joona Pakkanen and Tuukka Tammisaari).  Examples of group exhibitions: 2019 Taidehalli (Nuoret 2019) 2019 Flora/Fauna, Stavanger Art Museum, Norway (group exhibition, Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds) 2018 Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne, Germany (Band of Weeds) 2018 Gallery Turpeinen, Helsinki 2017 Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012 Imatra art museum, Imatra 2012 Graduation Exhibition of the Institute of Art,  Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 2012, Lahden contemporary art kiosk, Lahti Komissiot 2019. Sound design for Irene Suosalo, “Collisions”, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome 2019 planning and production of online work of art “Life is not a story” for Minna-Kaisa Kallinen 2017. Sound programming for Maija Savolainen, “Preesens/Presenceness”, Titanik gallery, Turku 2016. Sound programming for Maija Savolainen, “Basic Photography”, Sic-gallery, Helsinki 2016. Soundtrack, Emilia Ruf, “Meissa”, Kuvan kevät Spring 2016, Helsinki (with Eero Pulkkinen)

Other projects 2015 – participation in Band of Weeds (with Kalle Hamm, Lauri Ainala and Olli Aarni).

Grants and scholarships: 2018 Finnish Art Association’s grant for young artists 2018, a grant from the Centre for the Promotion of Art 2018, Kone Foundation grant (2 months, for the working group Band of Weeds) 2012, Rahapajan (the Finnish Mint) painting stipend.

Live performances: 2019 Screen City Biennial, Stavanger, Norway (Band of Weeds), 2018 IHME festival of contemporary art (Band of Weeds) 2018 Hiljaisuus-festivaali (Festival of Silence) (Band of Weeds) 2018 Kone Foundation (Band of Weeds) Media 2015. Works are in various private collections in Finland and abroad. Suomen Taideyhdistys (Finnish Art Association lottery award) Memberships: Taidemaalariliiton (probational member of the Union of Finnish Artists), Teosto.

Savu E. Korteniemi (born 1986) graduated as Master of Visual Arts, KuM, in 2013 from the Academy of Visual Arts of the Art University, the department of sculpture. The artist lives and works in Lapland. Savu E. Korteniemi has concentrated particularly on various techniques for sculpture and drawing, also approaching art and reality through writing and communal working.

Korteniemi has participated in exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Works have been acquired by public art collections. Korteniemi is a member of the Institute of Sculptors and a member of the Association of Lapland Artists.

At present Savu E. Korteniemi is working on Viimeinen (Last) -project, which takes its starting point from the identification of death and the north as found in Baltic Finnish mythology. In Gallery Napa in Rovaniemi the exhibition Viimeinen | Kartasto from the 14.3., an invisible geography is explored, the intersection of mythical and real location.

Previous exhibitions and works belonging to the Viimeinen -project, Ensimmäiset kuvat, (First Pictures)Sinipiika & Anni-tyttö (Wood nymph & Anni-Maiden) and the environment work Maailman kantajat I-III (Bearers of the World I-III), can be seen in Kirkkolampi Park in Rovaniemi.

The article pondering the significance of myths of death, and the relationship of the Kalevala and the singing bards “Aino-tarusta Anni-tyttöön – kuluneita käärinliinoja ja tuoreita haavoja” (“From the Aino story to Anni-Maiden: worn winding sheets and fresh wounds”) appeared in Kaltio 1/20 (

In the Nastola exhibition we hasten into the forest cover; this concept of the mythological – realistic alludes on the one hand to being lost and on the other to some sort of looking-glass world.

Hannele Kumpulainen (born 1965) graduated as a painter from the Academy of Visual Arts in 1990. Since then she has actively followed a painter’s career. Her works are to be found in thirteen collections in Finland and she has painted the mural “Puton lentorata” (Flightpath) at the Technopolis in Espoo. The work is in egg temperaa. Kumpulainen as an artist works in a technically wide area and is a teacher of painting at the Academy of Visual Arts. She is also a member of the board of Suomen Väriyhdistyksen (the Finnish Colour Association).

In her recent individual exhibition Koristetta etsimässä  (In Search of Decoration) (2018), she raised the question of the necessity of decoration. The exhibition considers the essential nature of decoration while pondering the modernist burying of the question of decoration. The exhibition suggests that the aesthetic processing of our past could continue in this respect. In her exhibition       

Linnun paikka (The place of the Bird) (2014), Kumpulainen dismantles the trauma of war, which passes from one generation to the next, by means of distortion of observation and of the space of the picture. This tweaking of the depiction arises from time to time in this artist’s work.

In the exhibition Maalauksia kankaalle (Paintings on textile)(2011) Kumpulainen depicts the dressing gown in the Betty painting of Gerhard Richter taking it over for her own use. It’s not a case of borrowing, she didn’t return it, so it can be seen as a narrative of the freedom of artistic thought.

In her exhibition Ota kiinni (Take hold)(2009), the artist considers the relationship between a stain and a painted mark, dealing with the theme mainly through children’s clothes.

Kumpulainen is bringing to Nastola mosaics from the exhibition “Koristetta etsimässä” (In Search of Decoration) series mentioned above. These mosaics are small, the size of the palm of your hand. They were generated by Kumpulainen’s observations over morning coffee. The coffee stains on the surface of the cup form ever new and different  shapes – thoughts arose about how the additions to the pure form of the surface in fact decorate it.

Eeva Lietonen (born 1987) is a musician and visual artist living in Helsinki. She is studying painting at the Acadamy of Fine Arts of the Aalto University of Art. Lietonen’s works have been in several joint exhibitions, for example, Gallery Gellaria, Kaapelitehtaan (the Cable Factory) Drawing Gallery, in the D5-gallery, in the forest of  Kruunuvuori and the Mäsä-festival. Upcoming exhibitions are in the  Kosminen (Cosmic) Gallery in July 2020 and in Gallery D15 in September 2020.

Eeva Lietonen’s works present parts of self-imagined worlds. The mind can think of itself as somewhere else and create places.  These parts and places are organised in the works into undefined forms moving from fragmentation to order and back again. At the heart of this experimental way of working are assembly, disintegration, concealing and revealing. For Lietonen, art is the invention and permitting of alternative solutions and choices.

Herkkuhuone (Room of Delicacies) is the joint work of Eeva Lietonen, Frans Nybacka and Essi Nieminen. It is a multi-dimensional and multi-sensual entity filling a space. The Room of Delicacies contains paintings, drawings, sculpture and projections that offer the visitor a wide selection of delicacies.

Maija Luutonen (born 1978) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in 2006. Her latest individual exhibitions include: P (2018), Patch, Kiasma museum of contemporary art, Helsinki (2018), Draft and Float, kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga (2015), Soon, SIC gallery (2016), Hey,Hey,Hey,F, Gallery Anhava (2015), Changes, Kluuvi gallery (2008).

Maija Luutonen has taken part in joint exhibitions in Helsinki, e.g. in Taidehalli, Helsinki and in SIC gallery. Her most recent joint exhibitions abroad are Bo >Blerggaard, Copenhagen (2015), Society Act, kim?, Contemporary Art Centre, Riga (2015) ja Moderna Museet, Malmö (2014), 24 Spaces (2013), Dimensions of Sharing, Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2012).

Essi Nieminen (born 1992, Hattula) is an artist and musician from Helsinki, she also has a BA in art education. She has studied art at Orivesi College, Aalto University and the University of Art in Berlin. Recently Essi Nieminen has concentrated on painting, filming and strip cartoons. Her art is considered mindful, sensitive, even humorous. She has taken part in several group exhibitions. The most “against the grain” was an art exhibition in the forest called “Freedom to Roam”, the American reality show Shark Tank USA, and the alternative festival Mäsäfest. Projects for the near future include an exhibition at D15-gallery, her first strip cartoon album, graduation as a Master of Arts and a private exhibition at Vakiopaine in Jyväskylä. Essi Nieminen’s contribution to the Nastola summer exhibition is a work called Herkkuhuone, (room of delicacies) in collaboration with Eeva Lietonen and Frans Nybacka.

Herkkuhuone is a collaborative work by Eeva Lietonen, Frans Nybacka and Essi Nieminen. Herkkuhuone is a space-filling multi-dimensional, multi-sensual entity. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and projections present a wide selection of delicacies to its visitors.

Anna Niskanen is an artist from Helsinki who graduated from Aalto University in 2017. She specialised in photographic art. Her works are unique graphic prints from photographs based on landscapes. In recent years she has had numerous individual and group exhibitions, in Finland, Iceland, China and Russia.

In spring Niskanen was invited to St. Mary’s College of Maryland Artist House, as artist in residence, and in autumn she has a major individual exhibition at Porvoo’s Taidehalli. She is also a member of the board of the Union of Photographic Artists, and a founding member of Kosminen (Cosmic) art centre.

Her recent works are studies of the forms and landscape of water; they celebrate natural forces. Graphic prints based on photographs and sculptures depict our changing times. Nature is constantly in flux and even so always the same. The works are “forged” documentation of nature pictures from journeys – for example to Iceland, Australia and the USA.    

In her work Niskanen has taken on the role of silent observer and researcher. Her works constitute a wandering narrative of memories of place and landscape, making use of traditional methods of photography and graphics. Montages composed of digital pictorial materials are exposed as prints in UV light from negatives of ink-jet print-outs. The finished works are objects and unique graphic prints for natural materials, and copies and sculptures based on graphic methods. The unique prints pose as photographs.

Jussi Niskanen (born 1984). He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts and has had several individual exhibitions, for example at Box in Forum and Gallery Huuto. In his work he is interested in painting as a collection of marks and symbols in so far as they are basically physical hand-made marks, and in the uniqueness and sequential progression of these marks. Jussi Nieminen is preparing two works for “Against the Grain”, one consists of painted circles and the other is a painted depiction of a collection of painted circles. 

Frans Nybacka (born 1993) is a musician and visual artist living in Helsinki. He is studying art and design at the Aalto University of Art and his main subject is art education. He had his first individual exhibition in 2018 at the Cosmic Gallery in Helsinki, since then his works have been seen in various joint exhibitions, for example, at the Cosmic and Mäsä-festivals. Nybacka was also involved in organising, and participated in, the exhibition in Kruunuvuori forest, Merihaka Kevätpörriäinen (Spring Insects) exhibition, and the Coming Continent home exhibition. Frans uses his art to create phantasy worlds, exploiting painting, sculpture, music, video and installations, harnessing everything that feels good as material. Nybacka’s work communicates an Nastola innocent enthusiasm for the magical, a longing for mystical adventure and the romance of knightly jousts.

In “Against The Grain” Herkkuhuone (Room of Delicacies) is the joint work of Eeva Lietonen, Frans Nybacka and Essi Nieminen. Herkkuhuone is a space-filling multi-dimensional, multi-sensual entity. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and projections present a wide selection of delicacies to its visitors.

Ida Palojärvi (born 1981) is an artist from Helsinki. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in 2016.

Palojärvi’s works have been seen, for example, in the Taidehalli of Turku, Helsinki’s Ham-gallery, Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Huuto Gallery and Galerie Anhava. In addition, she has participated in many group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Experiencing Palojärvi’s installations requires being physically present: taking time, moving in the space, approaching the works or stepping inside them. At the same time they escape the grasp. They are momentarily tumbling images. They are intimations of beauty hidden behind a physical barrier, or in darkness, or behind a wall. The works have narrative aspects in their symbolism and experiential nature; they lead the viewer on and achieve a temporal experience in the viewer, although they do not reveal narrative plots.

Palojärvi is participating in “Against the Grain” with a new work constructed in a dimmed room. The work exploits moving pictures and sound, and explores the contradictory attraction and desire to see, which destructive or terrible things can excite in us.

Sanni Saarenpää (born 1990, Master of Visual Arts ) works with the effects created by combining image and text. In her paintings, pictures are cut into reliefs in such a way that they need not remain within the boundaries of the picture field. Her contribution to “Against the Grain” is an entity that concerns the artist’s reluctance to give in to obedient harmony or co-operation with the so-called real world.

Saarenpää’s  works have been on show most recently in joint exhibitions in Porvoo, Lahti, Turku and Tampere in 2018. Her other works can be seen on the artist’s web page at

The Paulo foundation has supported the preparation of this work.

Antti Sepponen (born 1991, Lahti) is a photographer who explores everyday life in Lahti. He is a product of the Adult Education Centre and has published a book of art photography of his home city. He has also organised several group and individual exhibitions throughout Finland on the same theme.

Ilkka Mattila, of Helsingin Sanomat, selected Sepponen’s Lahti exhibition organised in Helsinki in 2015 as cultural work of the year.

“Although in the fresh shots to be seen in the summer exhibition in Nastola’s former municipal building, I’m still partly pottering through the quiet streets of corona-Lahti, I really am not stuck in this rut. Nowadays, I have other subjects of pictorial interest,” said the artist with a smile, when we met him on his morning walk.  

Joonas Siren is a sound and media artist born in 1983. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts as Master of Visual Arts in 2013 and from the Nordic Sound Art Master’s programme in 2012. The most significant exhibitions/projects he has participated in are the Nordic Sound Art graduation exhibition at Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012, Kuvan kevät (Spring Pictures) 2013, Jussi Koitela’s Skills of Economy project in Kiasma 2016, OFF-performance-installation in Tiivistämö 2018 (collaboration with Milka Luhtaniemi, Nicolina Stylianou and Elena Rekola) and an individual exhibition in Cosmic gallery in 2019.

In the Nastola summer exhibition “Against The Grain” Siren presents a generative sound installation called “Anti-Blashemia”. The source material for the work is a piece by one of Finland’s best known right-wing, populist, young adult metal bands. Blashemia’s music becomes a calming, bubbling watery sound by the use a micro-computer, which picks out various fragments and wavelengths from the music.  By means of this audio opposition, the work functions as a poetic protest against right-wing populism.

The work was supported by the Niilo Helander foundation.

Joel Slotte (born 1987, Kokkola, Finland) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of the University of Fine Art as Master of Visual Arts in 2016. He has had individual exhibitions in Gallery Huuto and tm•gallery in Helsinki, and in B-Gallery in Turku. Among his joint exhibitions are: CHART -art festival’s Emerging -section in Copenhagen, SIC Space in Helsinki and the Fotografins hus in Stockholm. In December of this year, Slotte will hold an individual exhibition in Gallery LIVE in Helsinki.

The essential features of Slotte’s oil paintings are incredible sensuality, and various lofty and lowly parallels. The visual language is figurative and aims to be faithful to real observations. Slotte often paints portraits of his friends, relatives and himself, but imagines the painted people anew by fictional means, as alternative versions of themselves. He is interested in exploring and adopting internal traditions of picture-making, in other words: “trawling through the rubbish skips of art history”.

Slotte’s works have been acquired by Kiasma and HAM gallery in Helsinki, the Pro Artibus Foundation and the collections of the Academy of Visual Arts, as well as private collections in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

The Sorbus Collective’s new short film Wild Is The Wind was filmed in Bude, in the English county of Cornwall in November and December 2018. The work presents a group of artists, colleagues and friends of Sorbus: Josephine Baan, André Chapatte, Birch Cooper, Neicia Marsh, Brenna Murphy, Ristomatti Myllylahti, Sini Silveri and Emmi Venna. The 43-minute work tells the story of these friends, who have met in a remote house on the coast to celebrate the performance artist Rudie’s marriage to her/himself. When Rudie disappears, and the friends are left alone with their loss, the waves wash up on the shore a new arrival. Wild Is The Wind asks what we do with each other and how we do it, what “we” really means. The works tells of life that is sad yet sexy at the same time.

The artists of the Sorbus Collective are Otto Byström, Henna Hyvärinen, Jonna Karanka, Mika Palonen, Sakari Tervo and Tuomo Tuovinen. In the years 2013–2019 they ran the Sorbus art centre in Helsinki. The works of the Collective have dealt with, for example the way punk and other alternative cultures appropriate commercial and artistic elements, prevailing work cultures, and the communal significance of being an artist. The Collective’s exhibitions have been for example, Life is going to be sad and sexy at the same time Gallery CC in Malmö (2019), Fucked Up in a Bad Way SIC art centre in Helsinki (2016) and The Sorbus Group Show at Titanik, in Turku (2015). The Collective’s video works have been seen in joint exhibitions, for example in the NARS Foundation in New York 2019, in Schunck* Museum in Heerlen 2018 and in the Prairie-gallery in Chicago 2017. The Collective’s works are to be found in Kiasma in Helsinki and in private collections.

Kaarlo Stauffer (born 1988, Nastola) graduated as Master of Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in 2014. 

In the Nuoret (Young) 2015 exhibition, he was awarded the Maecenas Killan stipend. In 2016 Kaarlo Stauffer received grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Paulo foundation.  He has had individual exhibitions in Helsinki and Turku. He has participated in group exhibitions in St Petersburg, and in Helsinki, and in addition, has been involved in numerous joint exhibitions. Next year he has an individual exhibition in the Contemporary gallery Helsinki and in Box in Forum.

Kaarlo Stauffer is curator of this year’s summer exhibition in Nastola “Against The Grain” and is perhaps Finland’s youngest exhibition curator. He has also selected the twenty-three artists taking part.

Kaarlo Stauffer works mainly in oils. He works with photographs. “I search for conceptual and poetic meaningfulness at the intersection of the photograph and the painting. So that the cross-current makes both structures stagger and glow with colours.”

Works in the Nastola exhibition “Against The Grain”

Apart from the work based on an old picture postcard of Nastola, the moment or moments of his paintings are situated in the garden of Stauffer’s Nastola childhood home. The nature and style of these works is dreamy, characterised by the illusive light of a warm summer day.

Oskari Tolonen (Master of Visual Arts, born 1982) makes use of pictures created in various ways in his spatial works. For the exhibition “Against The Grain”, he is preparing a work covering a long time span, consisting of drawings, paintings and photographs, the centre of which is a sort of Christian riddle.     

His previous exhibition was at Gallery Rajatila in Tampere in 2018. In the same year he participated in group exhibitions in Kolari, Korkeaoja and Tampere. His works can be seen on-line at

Kirsti Tuokko (born 1943, Helsinki) graduated in 1966 from the Institute of Design and Fine Arts, now Aalto University. She has studied Symbolic Design and Graphic Design at the University of California, Berkeley

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions both by invitation and via a jury. From 1986 she has had over thirty individual exhibitions. Her works have been seen in Stockholm, Berlin, Prague and Venice.

Her works are to be found in the Finnish National Art Collection, at HAM gallery, at Tampere Art Museum, in Tampere city’s collection and in private collections.      

Public commissioned works are a mural in the new Heart Hospital of Tampere University Hospital, an invited competition win, the outside wall of Klaava shopping centre, in Vuores, Tampere, a work in the foyer of the state administrative building, Attila, and state commissions.   

If all goes as planned, Kirsti Tuokko’s works will be on show this summer at Moisio Manor House in Kouvola and in 2021 in Gallery Huuto in Helsinki.

Bogna Wisniewska (b.1988, Poland) is a soft-hearted creature who lives and works in Helsinki, where she maintains an arts practice that fosters cozy safe spaces and good company, bringing people together through painting, exhibition-making, cooking, and hosting. Her recent project is thinking about (and reconciling anxieties around) guilty pleasures; owning your needs and cravings; and learning through peculiarities, obsessions, and infatuation. She is pondering about care and kindness in relation to working as an artist. 

She studied painting, graduating in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, and is soon finishing her second Master of Fine Arts in Kuvataideakatemia. 

Wisniewska is a member of artist run gallery SIC in Helsinki, an amazing cook, and a formidable endurance dancer.

She had two solo exhibitions in 2019: “crushing on resting hard” in Titanik gallery, Turku, and “First thirst Flesh blush” at427 Gallery in Riga. She also took part in group exhibitions “100” in CC Galleri in Malmö; in “BIRD FEEDERS” curated by Sakari Tervo; and one day outdoor group exhibition “Life Beneath Eternity”  in Tempelhofer Feld with Marta Trektere, Elīna Vītola, Amanda Ziemele, Līva Rutmane, Kaspar Groševs​, which was part of  ”when the hunger starts” – Project Space Festival Berlin, Germany.

She is currently working on her first solo show in Helsinki for SIC gallery, and collaborating with Helsinki-based curator Katie Lenanton on an en(durational) project “Weathering”, which has its first iteration at Mustarinda residency in November.